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A guide for your move

download (5)There are some that feel that since they are paying the bill for moving services that they do not tip the movers, but they work in a service industry like a waitress so they should be tipped. When deciding whether to tip or not, and how much if they do give a tip, here are things to think about. Yes, movers working for moving companies do get paid a salary, but moving is hard work. They were hired to move heavy furniture and boxes so you do not have to. In addition, if where you are moving too has a lot of stairs, it takes a lot of effort and hard work to get all of the stuff up the stairs to your new place. The movers also have to make sure that everything is delivered to your new place safely. When you tip them it is just a small way to say thank you and that you appreciate all of their hard work. If the moving services has movers that dragged your furniture around, something gets broken, or things are not packed the way you packed them because the movers were going through them to find valuables to steal, then not tipping them would be okay.

According to moving experts the appropriate tipping amount for three movers would be twenty dollars if it is a full day job. If there was a lot of furniture and appliances that needed to be moved and there was many stairs then the appropriate tipping amount would be fifty dollars. These two amounts would be split among the movers. If there is just one mover then you could tip them as much as one hundred dollars. Because it is such hard work you should have some water or soda in a cooler that you can offer them. If you do not want to tip them you could treat them to a pizza or some burgers. If you are able to be around when they are moving your things you could tip them in advance. Doing this assures you that they will do a good job.

If you have hired movers and packers from the moving services make sure that you tip each person individually. Do not give the money to the supervisor or driver to be divided later. In some cases they may keep all of the money themselves or they may divide the money the way they feel is suitable. If you want to know about moving companies tipping policy, call to find out. Tipping is not mandatory but is an appreciated gesture.


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You Shuld Seek a Professional Moving Company

Let’s face it, moving is tough. The emotional stress of upheaval only compounded by the physical demands associated with relocation, not to mention the myriad of administrative tasks associated with getting settled into your new home! (address updates, utility set-up, etc.)

In the age of DIY, there can be allure in trying to self-manage a move, and the concept can appear deceivingly simple, however, just how nuanced and costly this process is, is often grossly underestimated by aspiring DIY’ers. Customers will often ask, “When does it make sense to hire a professional mover?” and the answer is – whenever you can afford to!

Here’s why:

    1. Safety: From pulled muscles too sore backs and broken bones, moving can be risky business! Any combination of heavy boxes/furniture, narrow walkways, stairs, and/or inclement weather can create unpredictable and high-risk circumstances in which to maneuver. Professional movers have the equipment, training, and experience necessary to navigate these circumstances safely.


    1. Cost Savings: Many customers assume self-management of a move equals cost savings; however, this often proves to be untrue! When hiring a professional, all aspects of your move have been considered and included in your estimated cost. This includes the use of specialty equipment, packing materials, site-protection, labor, fuel and truck costs, and insurance. Paying à la carte for these options adds up quickly, and the decreased efficiency of an inexperienced move team can lead to time, energy and money lost when all is said and done.


    1. Professionals are Accountable: Registered, licensed and bonded companies are accountable. They assume responsibility for any damaged goods, and as a result, are especially diligent in their efforts to handle your goods with caution and care. Leaving it to the pro’s affords you a priceless peace of mind come moving day.


    1. Equipment: Hiring professional movers ensures access to dollies, ramps, custom built trucks, door jams, and all the goods and gadgets that make moving speedy, safe and simple.


  1. Knowledge and Experience: The devil is in the details. Between elevator and/or parking designations, to site protection and truck packing. Professional movers have cultivated a depth of knowledge through their experience and know exactly what to look for and what questions to ask when preparing and performing a move, ensuring move day goes as smoothly as possible.

From assuring your personal safety, too saving you valuable time and money. There is a host of good reasons to hire a professional mover. At the end of the day, if your pocketbook allows it, you can rest assured that money spent on professional moving services is money well spent!


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The Esay Way To Handle City Life And Stress

City life is stressful and that’s a fact, especially if you are new to the life. The happenings are new and you would be trying to get used to all the new things that you are introduced to in the city. When you have never experienced city life, the initial few months may feel very stressful because everything is fairly new to you.

One needs to be prepared for all the changes because nothing will be the same anymore. Everything would be very different from what you have experienced so far. If you think that everything would be just like the way in the country side then be ready to be completely taken aback.

You need to prepare yourself based on the purpose of your relocation. If you are moving due to official reasons then you need to get used to the new situation as you have no other option. Many times people move from the country in search of jobs because there is a shortage of employment options, in such cases you just cannot move back as you would be out of a job.

Having the right expectations help tremendously. These tips will keep you prepared and will give you a fair idea of what you can expect.

High levels of crime

The levels of crime are very different in comparison. There are very few people who you can trust so it is vital to be vigilant at all times. You can be sure to find your vehicle stolen if you leave it unlocked even for a few minutes. Though this information is scary you do not have to be threatened, just more cautious.

Distant neighbors

People in the city mostly keep to themselves, unlike people in the country who know everybody around. People have very time to socialize and get friendly. Being friends with neighbors is not going to happen most of the times except if you are lucky enough to live in a community set up.

Absence of adequate parking

This would be the worst kind of torture. You would rarely be able to find parking for your vehicle if you ate not allotted one of your own. You would have to fight for parking every single day. Even if you have your own space, you would find other vehicles parked in them. If you need your space then you would have to protect it yourself. Parking barriers can be purchased with which you can protect your space. These are available online, but make sure to obtain necessary permissions, either from the landlord or from the council before you install them.

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How To Buying A House In The East Valley

If you haven’t visited Mesa lately, you will be pleasantly surprised at the growth and redevelopment that has been taking place. The city saw some tough times during the recent economic downturn; many businesses were shuttered, and entire regions changed dramatically. Additionally, the foreclosure crisis affected virtually every neighborhood, with distressed and vacant houses all too common.

Things have been changing of late, though, and in a big way! No longer can you drive down any street in the city and find boarded-up, abandoned properties. Investors who buy foreclosed homes picked up and refurbished most of the vacant houses. Neighborhoods that once were blighted now experience pride of ownership. House values have risen in these neighborhoods as well, though homes are still selling at affordable prices.

Since the Phoenix Light Rail opened all the way to Mesa Drive, a lot of new businesses have popped up along the route. Several upscale residential projects are under way as well. Downtown Mesa has gained exciting new retail and dining establishments, including a microbrewery; several colleges and universities have opened branches in the area. The crown jewel continues to be the Mesa Arts Center, where local and national shows can be enjoyed.

Mesa Drive, Southern Avenue, and Dobson and Broadway Roads all have been extensively rebuilt, with modern intersections, crosswalks and lots of public art. The Fiesta District also is in the stages of being redeveloped; Fiesta Mall has gained several new tenants, and surrounding vacant storefronts are gradually being occupied. Mesa Community College is growing every year, and has received an extensive facelift at its Dobson Road entrance. A brand new police substation and fire station, along with an ever-expanding hospital and medical complex, keep things safe, and a large premium apartment development has almost been completed.

Mesa Riverview is experiencing similar growth and diversification. There are several new office buildings going in on the east end of the complex; exciting new restaurants and retailers have made their homes on the western side. There are many more choices for dining than just a few short years ago, all easily accessible from Riverview Park, the new Sheraton hotel, and the Chicago Cubs’ Spring Training Complex just across Dobson Road.

Infill development projects are reducing blighted and underused areas. Modern townhomes, apartments, and custom homes are sprouting up in places that for years were empty lots, all the way to the eastern reaches of the city. A huge expansion, both residential and commercial, is occurring to the southeast, with Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport and the sprawling Eastmark development leading the way.

As I write this, I am sitting in a brand new coffee shop occupying a building that had been vacant for years. With continued economic improvement in the greater Phoenix area, Mesa will continue to be an integral part of that growth. As a long-time resident of this city, I am thrilled by the transformation. I encourage anyone contemplating a move to take a good long look at the city of Mesa!