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A guide for your move

download (5)There are some that feel that since they are paying the bill for moving services that they do not tip the movers, but they work in a service industry like a waitress so they should be tipped. When deciding whether to tip or not, and how much if they do give a tip, here are things to think about. Yes, movers working for moving companies do get paid a salary, but moving is hard work. They were hired to move heavy furniture and boxes so you do not have to. In addition, if where you are moving too has a lot of stairs, it takes a lot of effort and hard work to get all of the stuff up the stairs to your new place. The movers also have to make sure that everything is delivered to your new place safely. When you tip them it is just a small way to say thank you and that you appreciate all of their hard work. If the moving services has movers that dragged your furniture around, something gets broken, or things are not packed the way you packed them because the movers were going through them to find valuables to steal, then not tipping them would be okay.

According to moving experts the appropriate tipping amount for three movers would be twenty dollars if it is a full day job. If there was a lot of furniture and appliances that needed to be moved and there was many stairs then the appropriate tipping amount would be fifty dollars. These two amounts would be split among the movers. If there is just one mover then you could tip them as much as one hundred dollars. Because it is such hard work you should have some water or soda in a cooler that you can offer them. If you do not want to tip them you could treat them to a pizza or some burgers. If you are able to be around when they are moving your things you could tip them in advance. Doing this assures you that they will do a good job.

If you have hired movers and packers from the moving services make sure that you tip each person individually. Do not give the money to the supervisor or driver to be divided later. In some cases they may keep all of the money themselves or they may divide the money the way they feel is suitable. If you want to know about moving companies tipping policy, call to find out. Tipping is not mandatory but is an appreciated gesture.