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Finding Treasures When Moving House

It’s not unusual to hear stories of removals companies who have been asked to effectively ‘dispose’ of unwanted items during a household move.

There is an issue there about responsibilities because professional furniture removals companies aren’t also waste disposal specialists but there’s an even bigger question to be asked: Do you know what you’re throwing away?

The Internet Selling World

In the last 10-15 years, the arrival of online selling and the huge growth in antique programmes on TV has raised awareness about the value of ordinary household items yet people are still just throwing them out.

What looks like junk to you just could have some value.

So, here are just some of the unlikely things that are selling right now and which you might have waiting to be thrown out as part of your house move.

Top Tips

Look out for:

    1. Old iron objects. Fireplaces, ranges, decorative plaques, rusty old radiators – these things are all now considered to be ‘architectural antiques’ and might be worth quite a bit.


    1. Old 60s/70s gadgets and appliances. Your parents’ and grandparents’ stuff might look like junk to you but today lamps, stereo systems, plastic chairs, plastic lamp shades – they’re all considered to be “20th century design” objects and many people are paying high prices for them.


    1. Garden furniture and ornaments. Once considered only useful for breaking-up, today old concrete urns, animal statues, toadstool seats and old metal chairs and tables, are all highly desirable. Some will be stripped down and refreshed or repainted and then sold as ‘shabby chic’.


    1. Old clothes. Those old shoulder-pads from the 1980s might look ludicrous to you, as do those old bell-bottoms from the 60s and 70s but if you have any kicking around on a clothes rack in your loft, you might be surprised at how much vintage clothes collectors might be willing to pay. Of course, they’ll need to be in reasonable and wearable condition.


    1. Old tools. Granted, that broken-handled screwdriver from 2010 probably isn’t going to be worth much but those old iron and steel tools from say the 1890s, 1920s or even 1950s, might well be. They were probably made to an extraordinarily high quality specification at the time and even if they’re a little rusty now, there are avid collectors of such items.


    1. Transport. True, you probably know that classic vintage cars are worth a lot and wouldn’t dream of throwing one away but did you know that vintage bicycles are highly prized? Even those from as late as the 1970s/80s can fetch good prices.


  1. Toys. You might be staggered to see the prices collectors will pay for some sorts of toys from as recently as the 1980s/90s. Tin Robots from the 1960s catch fetch a king’s ransom if they’re in half-decent condition. Board games, early computer games – they’re all collectible.