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You Shuld Seek a Professional Moving Company

Let’s face it, moving is tough. The emotional stress of upheaval only compounded by the physical demands associated with relocation, not to mention the myriad of administrative tasks associated with getting settled into your new home! (address updates, utility set-up, etc.)

In the age of DIY, there can be allure in trying to self-manage a move, and the concept can appear deceivingly simple, however, just how nuanced and costly this process is, is often grossly underestimated by aspiring DIY’ers. Customers will often ask, “When does it make sense to hire a professional mover?” and the answer is – whenever you can afford to!

Here’s why:

    1. Safety: From pulled muscles too sore backs and broken bones, moving can be risky business! Any combination of heavy boxes/furniture, narrow walkways, stairs, and/or inclement weather can create unpredictable and high-risk circumstances in which to maneuver. Professional movers have the equipment, training, and experience necessary to navigate these circumstances safely.


    1. Cost Savings: Many customers assume self-management of a move equals cost savings; however, this often proves to be untrue! When hiring a professional, all aspects of your move have been considered and included in your estimated cost. This includes the use of specialty equipment, packing materials, site-protection, labor, fuel and truck costs, and insurance. Paying à la carte for these options adds up quickly, and the decreased efficiency of an inexperienced move team can lead to time, energy and money lost when all is said and done.


    1. Professionals are Accountable: Registered, licensed and bonded companies are accountable. They assume responsibility for any damaged goods, and as a result, are especially diligent in their efforts to handle your goods with caution and care. Leaving it to the pro’s affords you a priceless peace of mind come moving day.


    1. Equipment: Hiring professional movers ensures access to dollies, ramps, custom built trucks, door jams, and all the goods and gadgets that make moving speedy, safe and simple.


  1. Knowledge and Experience: The devil is in the details. Between elevator and/or parking designations, to site protection and truck packing. Professional movers have cultivated a depth of knowledge through their experience and know exactly what to look for and what questions to ask when preparing and performing a move, ensuring move day goes as smoothly as possible.

From assuring your personal safety, too saving you valuable time and money. There is a host of good reasons to hire a professional mover. At the end of the day, if your pocketbook allows it, you can rest assured that money spent on professional moving services is money well spent!