5-5 Stock Photo Websites Worth Visiting: Find the Best Public Domains Images Free of Charge

Looking for public domains images free of charge? Look no further and check out these 5 stock photo websites that are definitely worth visiting!

Finding the right photo to compliment your social media post, your blog post, your article or your business presentation is essential for engaging readers and leave them want more from you. But, as you probably know – high-quality photos are hard to find, especially high-quality photos that are free for you to use.

To help simplify the work of finding the right photo for your website, blog, social media or presentation, we have combed through some free stock photography websites to find the cream of the crop. There are some great websites that offer high-quality photos for free and available to use for commercial purposes.

You need to definitely consider these websites and maybe visit them as soon as possible:

1. StockSnap

This is probably one of the best websites for businesses and organization that need photos on daily basis. This website updates their extensive database of high-resolution and high-quality photos. The photos you can find here are unique and cannot be found anywhere else (most of them). The photos are chosen from an exclusive network of artists and photographers who contribute their masterpieces for Stocksnap. The intuitive and clean interface makes finding the best photo super easy with sorting and easy-to-use options.

2. Pexels

If the photos on Pexels look familiar it is because this website collects the best of the best from all over the web and puts the public domains images free of charge in a central collection for you to search for. They update their database with new high-quality photos every day. Every photo you’ll find here provides information such as the size, camera, aspect ratio, aperture, focal length, shutter speed, and ISO.

3. Shopify

This is a very popular stock photography website that aims to provide diverse, real, and high-quality photos. This upcoming and progressive website’s goals is to help more organizations accomplish visual greatness with amazing photos captured by photographers and artists traveling the world. The best thing about this website is that new commercial and personal photos are delivered directly to your email each month. The website also offers a premium solution to all their photos and if you decide to become a premium member - you will receive even better photos each month.

4. Pixabay

On this website, you will find more than 500.000 photos, art illustrations, vectors, and backgrounds to choose from. This website has one of the biggest databases of photos and the thing that sets this source apart is they also feature downloadable videos free of charge. When searching for a photo, premium photos are shown first followed by free photos. This gives visitors a choice of choosing higher quality photos if needed. The premium photos are limited. The website also offers you an opportunity to search by the most voted, most downloaded, and most viewed photos of the last month.

Domains Images Free


5. StockPhotos

This website doesn’t look like a typical stock photography website, but still, you can find some great photos. You can find photos that capture everything from homelessness to traveling, and much more. Keep in mind that the photos here come from multiple sources and each photo should be double checked for copyright details so you can avoid legal problems.

Do you have a favorite website you turn to for public domains images that is not on this list? What is your experience with that website? We would like to hear everything in the comments below!

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