Here Are The Three Types Of Free Images You Can Use On Your Website To Attract More Following.

It is not dramatical that developing an attractive website is the core of winning the customers in the 21st century. In an era, which is visual-driven, one component of developing attractiveness is having the right and high-quality images on your website.  However, not all images make visitors go crazy upon landing on your site and decide to share the experience with their peers. But how do you obtain the best images for your site?

Will you have to purchase a high-resolution camera or hire a professional photographer?

Well, if your budgets are fixed, you do not have to worry. You can use free images and influence large online following. Here are some of the types of free images that can turn your website into a visitors’ magnet:


Each day, people are seeking extensive information to help them make a decision. Compiling such information is not always an easy task. For this reason, any visual presentation of concrete data will influence and attract large audiences. For instance, bloggers and web owners are always in the process of seeking facts to defend their opinions. In this essence, using infographic imagery in your website draws attention on the audience from all corners. Also, it enhances your online authority as other bloggers will direct their audience back to your website for more information.

Animated photography

In this decade, animation is getting to a new level. All online platforms are embracing GIF images as a way of expressing their idea. You can confirm that GIF or animated images are now part of commenting option or posting your status on Facebook. As you know, animation involves an image performing a particular task. Hence, embedding an animated image on your site may be the only thing you needed to attract shares and traffic on your website.

Hand-drawn images

From olden days, originality has been the secret to uniqueness. People love original products and images over-designed and fake ones. One way of creating original free images is drawing. Also, if you are a talented artist, this is the best and most effective option of obtaining free images. However, if you and art are like poles of a magnet, you will need to dig hard in your pocket. Whichever the way, hand-drawn images are essential in creating uniqueness in your website. Take this option if you want more shares and following.


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