Want Free Images? Here Are 3 Places to Download Them

High-quality content is the king of the online dynasty. Content does not equate to plain text alone. It is every message, image, video, or any element that enable an audience to understand the information being relayed. In the modern competitive world, high-quality content is the pillar of driving sales and attracting traffic. However, obtaining high-quality images for use on your website is not always an easy thing. You either have to be a photographer, have the cash to hire one, or to pay a royalty fee.

You think so?

Well, in the modern era, you can quickly obtain free images of high-quality that you can use on your website. But you may not have information on where to access them, mainly when you are a newbie in the online arena. This article presents you with the top three platforms where you can download free images:

Pickup image

Is your website focusing on current trends? Well, it can be awkward if you use images that do not match with the prevailing trends. In this essence, you need a platform that will enable you to get images that are recent and which will match with your content.  If this is you, Pickup image can be an excellent platform for you. The platform houses millions of recent photos. Hence, you download them and use them on your site. Notably, you can search for favorite images.


Are you looking for a free image to incorporate into your love letter or post on social media? Pixabay is a right place to access one. The platform offers you a chance to download various types of images for free. The good thing is you get an opportunity to view the image before downloading it. Hence, you can determine the best size that fits with your website. So, regardless of whether you want an animal, nature, love, and people images, you can easily access them on this platform.


As an online merchant, images are essential for your marketing and customer attraction. However, obtaining images that tally with your needs can be a hard tackle. It is for this reason that Shopify launched a free image repository. This platform enables you to obtain high-quality images for leisure and business purposes. Also, if you want a love or animal image, you can easily access them without any challenges. All you need is to use the search bar, type the kind of image and proceed on to download it for free.